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"reviving road infrastructure in the United States and the world."

Using car mounted sensors, i-Probe Inc offers the unique capability and deep industry knowledge necessary to help assess road conditions.

Road deformities such as potholes are identified by i-Probe Road sensors & transmitted to the cloud in real time allowing partners such as local & state road operators can quickly gain insight into their roads saving significant time and resources.

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According to a recent Infrastructure Report Card by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), one out of every five miles of highway pavement is in poor condition. The backlog of existing highway maintenace is estimated to be $420 billion or 50% of U.S. highway & bridge capital needs.

Current repairs for road infrastructure are often based on costly, time-consuming, and human-intensive surveys. Due to heavy traffic, the manual process of conducting these surveys are often lengthy and difficult which may cause frequent delays. In addition, surveys of road conditions are taken only a few times per year. (Interstate highways: Once/year | Regular Roads: Once every 4-5 years) . Because of the time gap, road operators are unable to get a true assessment of their road infrastructure during the current time period as their existing information is outdated. As a result, road operators must sometimes rely on inaccurate & subjective driver reports for present roadway conditions.

Our Mission

Road Scanning Technology

i-Probe Inc. successfully developed sensory technology to locate road deformities at a low cost & remove the manual process of assessing road conditions

Big Data

Utilizing Big Data, i-Probe road sensors capture real-time information on road health & can send data directly to city/state operators

US & International

i-Probe Inc. is looking for partners in reviving road infrastructure for safety and efficient transportation not only in the United States but across the globe.

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